International Live Translation Services has streamlined a process to translate, assess and evaluate each document on a complex level after reviewing our clients’ demands. The document is handed over to the relevant linguists who evaluate its feasibility and ensure a timely completion.

Editors and proofreaders ensure further quality by assisting them in understanding linguistic niceties; thus making idiomatic rendering into the required language easy, fast, accurate and professional.

Even if the product needs to conform to marketing and communication standards, our communication and marketing specialists take the job head on to ensure that it has what the clients and above all the intended audience need.

  • International Live Translation Services knows that the major goal of translation is not just rendering into another language but transforming the underlying impacts of the message.
  • The goal of achieving suitable tone, appropriate vocabulary and same stress of the message is ensured through revision by reviewers who work painstakingly on every angle of the document.
  • To check what we do, just shoot us an email for a free sample and full quote for a document.

ILTS’ Other Services

  Software localization is a highly sensitive job that International Live Translation Services claims to render into the required language with native proficiency, fluency and pinpoint accuracy. A full division of software engineers work in conjunction with the native translators’ team to ensure accuracy with a double check from reviewers. Through this combination, we have efficiently localized various pieces of software and boosted our client’s businesses.

Our impeccable record in software localization has won accolades for us from companies and individuals alike, putting us at the top. Not only that the respective business goal was met but also it brought more revenue to our valued clients. Furthermore, our combination of translators and engineers, and our expertise in handling cutting-edge translation tools and streamlined processes which took months coming to fruition, have also helped us to satisfy our clients.

Our first suggestion to our clients coming for software localization is never to compromise their business and marketing over a quality translation. International Live Translation Services is happy to offer a free quote for any software manual needed for translation.

You just need to shoot us an email, chat with us or call us directly to get an assessment, quote or a sample. Our service-handling department will be in touch with you within a minute to provide you with a free quote.

Nowadays businesses are tapping into the internet-marketing pool through websites, having content in several languages, in order to target millions of clients. This explosive strategy to reach out to customers around the globe requires fineness handling of the content to be translated into the customers’ target languages of the customers. Not only the message needs to be correctly deciphered into the target language for explosive customer retention, but it also it needs to be impactful. International Live Translation Services ‎boasts of having a unique strategic plan to put into operation for this purpose.
Our philosophy is that translatingon is simply not getting the message into another language but keeping the essence of the message intact, so that it should have a forceful impact on the audience it intends to target. International Live Translation Services ‎does this, ensuring it has the same rubric of style, tone and impact.
Making Cutting the long story short, if you intend to reach out to your customers around the globe through your website, you need to get it transalted into the target language, and for this you need us. We assure you of making your message striking, forceful and impressive. Don’t waste your time in further browsing. We are just an email away from you, so shoot us one.



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