The translation industry is growing as in the United States alone. Over 50 million residents do not list English as their mother tongue. If you have at least a second language and are interested in making an income as a writer, working as a translator may be for you.  There are some common misconceptions about translation.


 There is no difference between a translator and interpreter.

In fact, there is a big difference between the two. Translators write words, interpreters on the other hand speak words. In both cases, one must understand how to express the meaning inherent in the context of the sentence. If you are already a writer, you may have the skills that would make you a good translator.


Words always translate literally.

A good translator must find the right word in the second language that best express the meaning desired by the other writer. Many languages have words similar in meaning but with a different nuance. The sign of a great translator is when this nuance can be captured like a native writer. Try Google translate if you want to see how straight word translations can be captured too literally.


 Translators can go back and forth between languages in all cases.

In fact, this is very difficult to do and can result in lost meaning. Usually people are more comfortable in one language over the other. Try both and see how you do? The best way to become better as a translator is to improve your skills through available training or courses. As well, there are online dictionaries and social media sites that are specific to translation.


People assume that the skills needed for Interpretation and translation are the same.

In fact, there is a huge difference in the skill set required to translate the spoken versus the written word. Interpreters use listening as well as speaking skills to convey meaning on the spot between people. This skill set also requires a good reader of body language.  A translator uses reading and writing skills to change the language used to be clearly understood.


I do not need translation in my industry.

In today’s multicultural world economy, business needs to be competitive. Research suggests that most people like to do business in their own tongue. If you have a website, common sense suggests that you translate it into other languages that can reach your future customers. Using a top-notch translation agency such as International Live Translation Services would be wise. As a new client, you can enjoy 150 words free!

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