Project Handing

A competent manager takes up a seemingly difficult project and smoothly facilitates its completion up to the final stage – a custom that every organization follows. We follow the same corporate principal but with a difference. As soon as a project arrives at International Live Translation Services, a project manager takes up and monitors it up to its completion. You can stay in contact with the personnel, to whom the project is assigned, for immediate updates. This is how efficient handling and swift communication by International Live Translation Services ‎relieves you all of your worries.

How it Works

A client needs to have full information how a company handles his task‎. First International Live Translation Services ‎keeps its clinets on board regarding every step of the project until it is handed back to them, and second it stays in touch with the clients for immedaite updates.
All stages from the time a project is delivviered until its final stage are laid before the clients. Hallmarks of our fast delivery and efficient handling are quite transparennet. Apart from our client satisfaction, we, at International Live Translation Services, ‎also pay minute attention to conveying full process to our clients.

Major Project Handling Points

  • Full understanding of a client’s project requirements
  • Conveying immediate information about quotes and estimates
  • Setting up delivery goals and deadlines
  • Full plan of the project
  • Selection of appropriate linguists’ team
  • Setting up rigorous quality inspection
  • Ensuring delivery before deadline

Keeping Clients Onboard

  • Keeping clients updated about the project
  • Clarification of pertinent issues regarding the project
  • Transparency
  • No compromise over quality
  • Working in a professional manner
  • Keeping friendly relationships with clients

Suitable Translators and Editors Selection

  • Mother tongue speakers
  • Having appropriate linguistic skills in the pairlanguage combination
  • Having appropriate subject expertise

  • Qualified and relevant degree holders
  • Deadline and quality-oriented professionals
  • Proven track record of quality product and prompt delivery

Quality Control Procedure

The unique aspect of our service is our quality control procedure. International Live Translation Services project managers, as soon as they receive a project, identify the source language and select a native speaker to translate into the required language. When this process is completed, the project goes to the relevant editor and reviewer who takes care of the linguistic nuances to ensure that message is decoded in the required tone and vocabulary.

The reason behind this detailed handling is not only to translate the required message and document, but also to make it effective and impactful, as it was in the source language. This three-stage quality control process continues until the client finds the project coming up to his expectations and standards. As clients’ requirements are inquired prior to the acceptance of the project, International Live Translation Services finds it easy to provide accuracy, quality and deliver on-time.

The three-stage process is

  • Project Handling
  • Translation
  • Editing and Review


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