When it comes to Norwegian translation, International Live Translation Services excel in competition due to sheer its quality, accuracy and speed. Not only that we offer Norwegian to English or any other language, we also offer more than 100 global languages spoken in every corner of the world. Our translation encompasses documents, softwares, manuals and everything other thing that comes our way.

Our Norwegian translation services include:

  • Translation of  Technical Manuals, Datasheets
  • Translation and Localisation of  Handbooks, Press Releases, Surveys
  • Translation of  Legal Contracts, Law Documents
  • Translation of  Marketing Brochures & Catalogs
  • Translation of  Medical equipment: instruction manuals, brochures and software
  • Hindi software translation
  • Norwegian Editing, Reviewing and Proofreading
  • All web file formats: HTML, XHTML, XML, JAVA, FLASH, CSS, ASP, PHP

To trust in our abilities and our process, just have a glimpse of this video we have uploaded for you. You will see the difference.

Why Importance of Norwegian ?

Thoug it is an offical languasge of Norway, just one country, and only 5 million native speakers, it is language of the one of the best and cleanest country. As regard to economy, it is one of the leading economies in the European Union and their efforts to reach out to other countries have made Norwegian an importnat language for business and localization. (Reference: Wikipedia)

Why International Live Translation Services are suitable?

If we put International Live Translation Services in one word that is our Experience. It has two-fold backups that are the proven experience of our crew members including technical staff such as project managers and engineers and other is our distinction to render top quality with excellent technical understanding of format. And above all, our customer service coupled with fast and accurate translation has brought us at the top – a distinction worth feeling proud at.

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