A career in translation can be rewarding and interesting. If you are a writer with a good attention to detail, and can compose more than one language, a full or part-time job may exist for you.



There are many opportunities to receive training, either formal or informal, in translation services. Many universities offer educational opportunities for this. Translation services are required these days by industries like police, hospital, lawyers, and government.  There is a large community of language translators connecting with each other in social media and online. What do you need to do to have a career in translation?


Know another language

It sounds silly even to have to say, but you have to know a secondary language to be able to translate into it. You may not have to be a native speaker, but you need to have some knowledge, good resources. You have to take time to learn the nuances of a language. There are tools like good dictionaries and online word translation resources that can be of use to help you build on your craft. Use existing style guides and written resources and learn. There is demand on many levels for multilingual individuals. If you have other languages, and can write sensibly, you have a future in translation.


Get some certification

Some writers receive a university degree in translation, when others take community college courses. Others receive certification through an on-line training website. Whatever form your training takes it adds credibility to your client that you are capable of doing a good translation for them. There are associations for translators, and associations for specific translation industries like medical or legal translators. Offer your services to start as a volunteer in exchange for a recommendation you can use to impress new clients. Make your own resume as a translation.


Decide what type of translation you would like to do

There are many different types of translation jobs. Many web sites require translation services. Do you have an associate education that might lead you to a translation job? There are needs for translators in every community and throughout the internet. There are literally hundreds of different types of translation jobs for writers. From literary translations to copy editor, if you are capable of translating in another language, you should be able to choose the type of work you wish to do. You can contact some great agencies such as International Live Translation Services and ask if they can help you.

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