Whether you have business documents or literary text that you need to render from French to English or English to French or in any other language, International Live Translation Services offers professional French translation services at economical price. Not only that we provide you English to French and French to English translation of website content, brochures, documents and softwares, we also provide review, data localization and editing services in more than 100 languages.

Our French Translation Services Features:

  • Tanslation of  Technical Manuals, Datasheets
  • Translation and localisation of  Handbooks, Press Releases, Surveys
  • Translation of  Legal Contracts, Law Documents
  • Translation of  Marketing Brochures & Catalogs
  • Translation of  Medical equipment: instruction manuals, brochures and software
  • Hindi software translation
  • French Editing, Review and Proofreading
  • All web file formats: HTML, XHTML, XML, JAVA, FLASH, CSS, ASP, PHP

Watch our video here to have a better idea of how and what we provide and how we excel in the market.

Reason to Get French Translation

French, being the official language in 29 countries, has around 115 million native speakers, who have French as their mother tongue. About 275 million native speakers have French their first and second language.  Another fact is that the countries having French as their official language have a total GDP of almost $3.5 trillion – you possibly cannot ignore reaching this economy and this vast audience. (Reference: Wikipedia)

Why Should You Go For International Live Translation Services?

In fact, International Live Translation Services has changed the very concept of translation and localization. Our teams comprising project managers, specialized subject-matter linguists and engineers, strive to provide top translations. We separate language (art) from format (science), merge them both nicely and them bring out the best in words and sentences. Our service quality and customer loyalty speaks about our commitment to our mission.

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