When it comes to Chinese translation, International Live Translation Services offers superb quality, professional coding services and that too at reasonable rates. We feel proud at providing both English to Chinese and vice versa translation, proof reading, editing, reviewing and localization services of all sort of documents disregard of size, difficulty level, topic or subject. Not only this, we also translate more than 100 other languages besides Chinese.

Our Chinese Translation Services Include:

  • Localisation of  Technical Manuals, Datasheets
  • Localisation and Translation of  Presley Releases, Handbooks, Surveys
  • Translation of Law Documents, Legal Contracts,
  • Translation of  Catologs & Marketing Brochures
  • Translation of Medical equipment: instruction brochures, manuals and softwares
  • Hindi software translation
  • All web file formats: HTML, XHTML, XML, JAVA, FLASH, CSS, ASP, PHP
  • Full Review and Editing Services

Just see this video to reinvigorate your confidence in our quality service. You will see the difference of our professionalism.

Why to Opt for Chinese Translation

Just think about these simple facts. Chinese is the official language of major five regions besides mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. It has more than 1.3 billion native speakers and several others who are engaged in learning it as second or third language. And the most important is that the GDP of the regions where it is spoken is $15 trillion, being third in the world. What else you need to tap such a vast region! (Reference: Wikipedia)

Why International Live Translation Services Would Be Helpful?

Why we? In fact, we have gathered professionals under one roof, which manage projects, translate documents, review manuscripts and see technical difficulty level. With more than 4 to 12 years long experience, our teams can make distinction between different subject areas and the translation requirements to decode the message accurately. With matchless services, we have also bought our quality and customer service at par with market standards. Our history speaks volume about our services.

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